Protect Your Pipes

Whenever you flush your toilet, run water in your sink, or drain the bathtub, that water travels from your home through sewer pipes to one of our water resource recovery facilities. Those are the plants where we clean wastewater.

Only Flush the 3Ps

Fats, oils, and grease – even salad dressing, gravy, and peanut butter – clog pipes. Hot grease hardens as it cools, creating a big clogging mess. Can the Grease; pour grease into a can, put a lid on it, and let it cool. When the can is full, throw it in the trash.

Some people use their toilet as a trash can, but that’s not good. Certain materials do not break down in water and clog the sewer pipes.

Willy and Carla Know Pipes

Willy and I know that because pipes are underground, it’s easy to forget what happens when something goes down the drain. Please throw your trash in the trash can or recycling bin and Can the Grease to help keep our pipes safe.